How NCS Outpatient Pharmacy Works

We are here to provide excellent service and convenience for our patients by offering oral oncology pharmacy services close to the point-of-care.

We will work together with your doctor, nurse practitioner, nurses and other health care providers to ensure safe medication use. We will also ensure that you receive your oral chemotherapy as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Pharmacy Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday
Phone: 402-691-5102 • Toll-Free Phone: 844-254-8552

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  • Initial Contact

    We will contact you initially to discuss your oral chemotherapy regimen and will address the following:

    • The purpose of your medication
    • How to take the medication
    • Importance of adhering to therapy
    • Common and rare side effects and how to manage them
    • Medication review to check for potential drug-drug interactions
    • Answer questions you may have

  • Follow Up

    After the initial contact, we will provide a follow up phone calls to assess:

    • Adherence to prescribed therapy and whether or not you have missed any doses
    • Whether or not you are experiencing new side effects
    • Work with the medical staff to resolve any new issues

Our staff will verify all coverage options available prior to filling the prescription. We will also investigate alternative co-pay and patient assistance resources to ensure you are getting the most cost-effective option.

For your convenience, delivery method will be set up over the phone. Medications can be mailed to your door free of charge (signature is required), or we can coordinate pick-up at one of our many clinics. You may choose to pick-up your medication directly from NCS Outpatient Pharmacy located at our Legacy location.

Pharmacy staff will call you to begin the refill process one week in advance of you needing your medication(s). However, you may call the pharmacy at any time to request a refill of your medication(s). Keep in mind that it can take a couple of days to process your prescription. We will notify you when your prescription is ready to coordinate delivery and/or pick-up.

Pharmacy staff is available via phone during business hours from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday. After hours phone calls will be directed to the general pharmacy mailbox to leave refill requests and/or messages for non-urgent issues. If you have an urgent need, a pharmacist is available after hours by contacting the answering service. You will be instructed to follow the prompts on your telephone keypad to be transferred to the afterhours call service to have a pharmacist paged.

**Please understand that you are not obligated to fill your prescription with our clinic pharmacy. You do have the option of receiving your medication at the pharmacy of your choice. However, most oral chemotherapy medications are considered specialty drugs and will only be available through our facility or a specialty pharmacy. Keep in mind that some insurance plans do mandate that you receive your medication from their affiliated specialty pharmacy.