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Your mental-emotional well-being plays a role in treatment success.

Wellness of our minds, emotions and cognitive behavioral factors are an important part of the cancer journey. Your Nebraska Cancer Specialists team offers mental health services to help you be the strongest YOU in your fight against cancer.

Meeting with a mental health practitioner will offer you a “safe place” to nurture your spirit and begin to heal the challenging emotional effect of the cancer journey by focusing on healing and emotional wellness. You may also address life challenges including chronic illness, physical injury, and the countless losses and challenges that often come with cancer.

Past experience and research has shown that treating the whole person, beyond just cancer treatment, can positively influence overall outcomes. Here’s some of the ways we can support patients’ through their care:

  • Together, we will work to

    • Reduce the effects of anxiety and depression
    • Reduce fear and worry
    • Reduce stress and overwhelm
    • Reduce adverse effects of cancer and treatment, including pain, fatigue, brain-fog, nausea
    • Improve quality of life and hopefulness
    • Improve decision-making, mental clarity
    • Learn healthy coping strategies
    • Help YOU be the best YOU
  • By utilizing these and other tools

    • Emotional Support
    • Support in information-processing and decision-making
    • Hypnosis
    • Progressive Relaxation
    • Guided Imagery
    • Meditation
    • Mindfulness Techniques

Meet Our Mental Health Team

jayne gundrum,mental health services

Jayne Gundrum

lori wingerter,mental health services

Lori Wingerter

jane karges, mental health servicesJane Karges
“Mental Wellness is the missing piece in the fight against cancer. You do so much to treat and support your physical self. You deserve the same for your emotional self!”

*Occupational therapy and mental health services are covered by most insurances

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Mental Health – Jane Karges

Mental Health – Lori Wingerter

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Healing Imagery With Colored Light

Break Time – Guided Imagery

Healing Waterfall – Guided Imagery

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On this episode: Between the talks of treatment, surgery and radiation, the mind and spirit can get overwhelmed. In this episode we focus on the mental health of an oncology patient, their family, and their caregivers. Tune in as Lori Wingerter, Nebraska Cancer Specialists Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, discusses talking to kids about cancer, keeping an optimistic attitude, and reclaiming your life after a cancer diagnosis.

On this episode:The holidays can be particularly tough when someone is grieving. A time of year that is advertised to be “the happiest time of the year” for some can be anything but, especially when we know someone is missing. Listen in as our mental health providers suggest some ways to cope with grief, honor our loved ones, and reengage in a meaningful way.

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