Geetha Palaniappan – 06/21/22

Dr. Geetha Palaniappan is amazing. She is intelligent, alert, caring, and wise. I couldn’t ask for a better oncologist–she was recommended to me by the surgeon who did my colon surgery. She has gone out of her way to help me when I needed it, once even coming in on her day off. Her assistant, too, has been wonderful–and SHE also came in on HER day off that one day with Dr. Geetha, all to help me heal. I have recommended Dr. Geetha to all my friends, of course hoping they do not require her services. But if anybody DOES have cancer, she is the best–and she is friends with doctors in related specialties, and they talk together, and share ideas for the best medical care. The people at the admissions/scheduling desk are also nice, and efficient, and calming. Today she found something unexpected (and possibly most unwelcome) but she smoothed the way so I could get that checked out too. We give thanks to God for Dr. Geetha.

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