Margaret Block – 08/10/22

The NP was helpful don’t get me wrong but she doesn’t know anything other than what’s on the charts. When I am.scheduled with Dr Block for an annual follownup, that’s who I expect to see, not a NP. Again thr NP is likely.suitable but this happens to me moreso than not so I like to know in advance and I recommend a call in advance to sww if your patient is ok with that or if they want to talk to Block directly.
I was probably in the room with the NP for maybe 5 to 7 minutes. Very little questions I did most of the talking and actually had concerns as I had fallen less than a week ago and have Dr Hollins reviewing CY scabs for me. Again I asked all the questions and very little was asked to me so I guess the appt is mainly for breast exam and blood work.
I am very happy to be past the worst years of my life, and am happy… but again, it’s hard to come back every year anyway… so being mentally prepared is so important, knowing what to expect is all.

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