Mary Huerter Wells – 12/19/22

The dietician was very kind but knew little about my medical condition. During the conversation it became clear that Google was going to be doing the heavy lift of determining foods, what is the appropriate amount of iron, what if any diets. After googling the questions I asked I received the same information that the dietician provided.
I arrived 10 minutes early to my appointment and was told to do labs, checked in for labs, sat, then sent back up after my appointment time, sat again, was walked to a new area, sat, moved again, sat, dietician came over and finally all work started.
All of the above would not have been an issue had I been told this was a 2hr process, however, I specifically asked and was told 30-60 minutes.
The follow up scheduler did not seem to understand that there are five days in a work week. I repeatedly asked if a different time could be chosen and was given the same day just fifteen minutes earlier.

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