Yungpo Su – 08/25/22

This is the best hospital we have ever visited. Everyone we dealt with was fabulous!! The Dr. and the team of nurses and all the staff made us feel so comfortable. We are so happy that we were referred to Bergan Mercy!!
The only problem that we had was finding where we were supposed to be going. We used google maps to find the hospital. I would put in the address that we needed to go to, the name of the building, all the information I could think of and both times we came to Bergan, we were directed to the back of a hospital building on Pacific.
The first time we were there, we parked a long distance from the Procedure Center where we were going. We asked a nurse that was coming in for work if she could tell us how to get there. She said she could not tell us how to get there, she was going to walk us there!!!
One more thing….I received a Thank You card from the staff in the GI unit thanking me for letting them take care of me!!! Hand signed by all the girls!!

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