Patient Information

Your First Visit

We want to welcome you to Nebraska Cancer Specialists. Our Patient Schedulers will greet you upon your arrival, and ask for your drivers license or current photo ID and your insurance card(s). They will scan them into your electronic medical record. You will be asked to complete paperwork to give us more information about you and how we can best care for you.

A Medical Assistant will then greet you to complete your check in process. Your vital signs will be recorded, as well as your current medications. Due to potential drug interactions, it is important to bring all of your current medication bottles. If you have an accurate and up-to-date medication list that includes doses, strength, and frequency, you may bring that with you. Please include vitamins, herbals, and over-the-counter medications.

Your physician will review and complete your health history, followed by a physical exam if indicated. He/she will discuss your diagnosis and management plan; by the end of your visit we hope you have a clear understanding. If not, please let your physician know; we encourage you to ask questions.

If your physician recommends treatment, it will be done in the treatment area of the clinic. In most cases treatment will not be started on your first visit, unless your physician has already discussed this with you

If your insurance plan requires a referral from your primary care doctor, we would be happy to assist you, so you can be seen by one of our doctors or have laboratory tests performed.

Please call us in advance of your appointment so we can help you fulfill your insurance requirements.

Before seeing one of our physicians for the first time, you will be asked to provide us with personal information which is important for your care. At the time of your initial appointment, please present your insurance cards so that they may be scanned into your medical record. We also will need to know which primary care physician referred you to us because this will affect some insurance coverage.

Before You Call

We expect that you will have questions about your illness and care. We encourage you to call us when you need to. In the event of an emergency or serious problem after normal office hours, your phone calls to the office will be automatically forwarded to the answering service who will page your physician or the physician "covering" at that time.

Your physician may request that you call immediately if certain problems develop (fever, for example), but we would request that you call during regular business hours for prescription refills and non-emergencies.

Before you call, take a few moments to prepare. You can provide information that will help with your care. At the time of your call, during or after hours, you should have the following information available:

  1. Your current medication list and any medication allergies
  2. Your pharmacy phone number
  3. A summary of your concerns (fever, pain, etc.), when your problem began, and the severity of your symptoms
  4. Your current treatment and the date of your last treatment

Billing Specialists

Our billing team is here to help you! We participate with most major insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid, and we will verify your insurance prior to your office visit. You may find it helpful to check with your insurance ahead of time to determine if our physicians are considered “in-network” for your plan.

Once you and your physician have determined a treatment plan (if needed), a billing specialist will verify benefits with your insurance company.  

Co-payments are due at the time of your office visit. Payment options include cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We will submit charges to your insurance company and we will bill you any deductible and/or uncovered portion of the charges. Please note that any services such as tests and procedures that are provided outside of our office will be billed to you directly by the provider of those services, the bill you receive from Nebraska Cancer Specialists is separate from other bills you may receive from the hospital or other physicians.

Our financial counselors and billing specialists are available to answer any questions you might have about reimbursement and payment. If you need assistance with your insurance requirements, our staff will make every effort to help you. Please feel free to contact our billing team at 402.537.5600.