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Nebraska Cancer Specialists is proud to offer a podcast series designed to provide patients, family members, and caregivers, reliable, up-to-date education and information pertaining to cancer diagnoses, treatments, and research opportunities.

These episodes feature medical oncologists, providers, and staff of Nebraska Cancer Specialists, interviewed by Kelly Horn, Physician Liaison.



It is hard to meet anyone who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer. Statistics say one in eight women will develop the disease in their lifetime. The good news is the survival rates are nearly 100% if the cancer is detected early. But there is a long journey between diagnosis and cure. That’s where this conversation hopes to shed light to anyone who will face it or support someone trying to survive it.
Dr. Kirsten Leu, Medical Oncologist with Nebraska Cancer Specialists, was interviewed for this podcast by Carol Wang, Executive Director of Metro Omaha Medical Society.

We all know someone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. But do we know why it’s happening and what do about it? Dr. Ralph Hauke, Medical Oncologists with Nebraska Cancer Specialists, sits down to answer our questions and provide some insight about the diagnosis.