Nebraska Cancer Specialists is proud to offer a podcast series designed to provide patients, family members, and caregivers, reliable, up-to-date education and information pertaining to cancer diagnoses, treatments, and research opportunities.

These episodes feature medical oncologists, providers, and staff of Nebraska Cancer Specialists, interviewed by Kelly Horn, Director of Marketing & Community Outreach.

Episode Archive

Take a listen as Dr Mehr and members of the theranostics team at NCS discuss the latest advancements in nuclear oncology at NCS, new treatment options, imaging, and the expansion of the mobile unit. Nebraska Cancer Specialists is proud to be the region’s only dedicated Theranostics center.

Advancements in Colorectal Cancer Screenings, Treatment, and Research
March is Colorectal cancer awareness month and we are fortunate to be discussing with Dr. Joel Michalski, Medical Oncologist at Nebraska Cancer Specialists and Dr. Alan Thorson, retired Colorectal Surgeon on the advancements of screenings, and access to care in rural Nebraska. Tune in for information about these changes and more, regarding recent legislation and advancements in treatment and research.

Tune in to learn more about genetic testing and counseling. Dr. Mary Wells and Michaela Sherbeck, APRN-CNS, AOCNS, AGCNS-BC join us to discuss who should have genetic testing, what to do with the results, and how clinical genetic testing differs from consumer genetic tests.

The holidays can be particularly tough when someone is grieving. A time of year that is advertised to be “the happiest time of the year” for some can be anything but, especially when we know someone is missing. Listen in as our mental health providers suggest some ways to cope with grief, honor our loved ones, and reengage in a meaningful way.

On March 12, 2020, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The unpredictability of this global event brought many feelings of uncertainty, fear, and worry. In this episode, our mental health providers Jane Karges PsyD and Lori Wingerter LIMH, MA, join us to discuss some coping strategies to help support feelings of stability and security as we all adapt to a new way of life and keep an optimistic attitude.

Take a listen as Dr Mehr discusses the latest treatment offered at Nebraska Cancer Specialists. A combination of therapy and diagnostics helps doctors determine and define the type and extent of disease. This information allows decisions to be made on timing, quantity, type of drugs, and choice of treatment options, as well as helping to evaluate a patient’s response to treatment. Nebraska Cancer Specialists is proud to be the regions first dedicated Theranostics center!

What exactly goes on down in radiation oncology? In this episode, we aim to give listeners a better understanding of what radiation therapy is, how it’s given, and what to expect. Dr. Amir Zahra spends the morning with us answering your most common questions.

Between the talks of treatment, surgery and radiation, the mind and spirit can get overwhelmed. In this episode we focus on the mental health of an oncology patient, their family, and their caregivers. Tune in as Lori Wingerter, Nebraska Cancer Specialists Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, discusses talking to kids about cancer, keeping an optimistic attitude, and reclaiming your life after a cancer diagnosis.

It is hard to meet anyone who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer. Statistics say one in eight women will develop the disease in their lifetime. The good news is the survival rates are nearly 100% if the cancer is detected early. But there is a long journey between diagnosis and cure. That’s where this conversation hopes to shed light to anyone who will face it or support someone trying to survive it.

Dr. Kirsten Leu, Medical Oncologist with Nebraska Cancer Specialists, was interviewed for this podcast by Carol Wang, Executive Director of Metro Omaha Medical Society.

We all know someone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. But do we know why it’s happening and what do about it? Dr. Ralph Hauke, Medical Oncologists with Nebraska Cancer Specialists, sits down to answer our questions and provide some insight about the diagnosis.

In this episode of In the Know, Dr. Tim Huyck, Medical Oncologist with Nebraska Cancer Specialists discusses the latest in colorectal cancer including screening, staging, and treatment. Learn more about risk factors, genetics, and prevention.

The Power of Immunotherapy! Dr. Joel Michalski, Medical Oncologist with Nebraska Cancer Specialists stops by to touch on the relationship between cancer and your immune system, advances of immunotherapy in the modern age, and a little history lesson too! Have you heard of CAR-T cells and checkpoint inhibitors?


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