Movement for Longevity


These classes focus on low-impact, slow, gentle movements and are intended for individuals at all stages of life, regardless of fitness level.

Classes are now open and registration is not required.  Consider joining a class or two today!

Tai-Chi For Healthy Living

Designed to improve mindfulness and reduce stress through slow-flowing movements and breathing techniques. A chair may be used for seated exercises and standing support.

Due to high demand, this class is now being offered two times a week!

Monday 9 AM and Tuesday 4:30 PM

Tai-Chi for Better Balance

Tai Chi for Better Balance combines learned movements with meditation and breathing techniques.  This “meditation in motion” program will help you feel stronger and more balanced.  Other health benefits include: improved sleep patterns, increased mobility and range of motion, easier relaxation, stress reduction, pain control, fewer arthritic symptoms and lowered blood pressure. The class is taught at Harvard and other prestigious programs throughout the United States.

This program requires participation twice a week and is offered:

Tuesday and Thursday 10 AM

Balance and Strength

This class will help improve balance and flexibility while increasing muscle tone.  Using a mixture of hand weights, body weight, and resistance bands, it’s suitable for all fitness levels. A chair can be used for seated exercises and standing support.

Wednesday 9 AM

A fun workout everyone will love! This chair aerobics class is designed to increase heart rate and build strength.  The chair is used for extra support and can be for sitting or balance.

Thursday 3 PM




Healing movements geared towards improving range of motion and flexibility.  This class helps detoxify the body, improve the immune system, cultivate a positive body image, reduce stress and promote good sleep.

This class is offered Friday 12 PM


Class registration is closed at this time.