Mental Health Is Health

Mental Health Is Health

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It is very important to us, as your community cancer care providers, that we focus not only on your physical health, but your mental health and well-being as well. Embarking on your cancer journey can drum up all kinds of emotions and feelings, and we’re here to make sure you’re taken care of from the inside out!


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, here is some information you might find helpful!

It is important to remember that you are not alone. Depression, anxiety, and distress can feel isolating, especially when also dealing with your diagnosis. When you feel your mental health waiver, reach out to a member of your NCS care team, schedule an appointment with one of our mental health providers, or contact one of your caregivers. We’re all here to help you!

You’ve probably been asked to give a pain level based on 0-10 during a visit with a physician. We can measure distress the same way by asking how you feel today and how you’ve felt over the last week. Not only does this help us understand where you’re at with your emotional health, it also gives us a chance to chat with you and work through any of the feelings you’re having at your visit with us.

Anxiety can creep up on us without us even realizing it, can’t it? Cancer patients may exhibit signs and symptoms of anxiety that can mask themselves as other conditions. If you are struggling with any of the anxiety symptoms below, please reach out to our team of mental health providers!

• Uncontrolled worry
• Trouble focusing
• Muscle tension
• Trembling or shaking
• Restlessness
• Dry mouth
• Irritability or angry outbursts


A cancer diagnosis can affect the emotional health of patients, families, and caregivers. Your team at Nebraska Cancer Specialists is here to help during this life-changing experience.
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