Nebraska Cancer Peer Support ProgramNCS Peer Mentor Program

The NCS Peer Mentoring Program is designed to empower newly diagnosed cancer patients by partnering them with current or former cancer patients who can provide insight on their own cancer experience.

Peer Mentors are volunteer role models who may provide understanding and encouragement, compassionate listening, suggestions of questions for the medical team, and serve as a source for reasoning out decisions. Participants are matched based on several factors, including, cancer type, treatment, gender requests, language needs, and communication preference.


NCS Peer Mentor Program participants are asked to agree with the following:

Introductory Pairing Phone Call. After a match has been made, the Peer Mentor will contact the newly diagnosed cancer patient, referred to as the Peer Mentee, within three days for an introductory phone call.

Post-Introductory Pairing Phone Call Evaluation. After the first phone call is made, each Peer Mentee completes a brief phone evaluation of the pairing. If the introduction went well, future meetings between the Peer Mentor and Peer Mentee, which are encouraged but not required, will be made at the pair’s discretion, including dates, times, and locations of meetings. If the introduction did not meet the Peer Mentee’s expectations, the Peer Mentee may select to have another Peer Mentor or opt not to have another Peer Mentor assignment.

Participants in NCS Connects agree to maintain strict confidentiality according to HIPAA regulations, which is addressed in the enrollment questionnaires in the tabs to the left.

If you are looking to connect with a peer mentor, please complete the following information and we will be in touch.

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Please complete the following questionnaire to register your interest and obtain information to match you with the most suitable Peer Mentee. An NCS Peer Mentor Program team member will contact you once a connection has been made and confirm your participation.

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The NCS Peer Mentor Program team is excited to assist in developing peer mentoring relationships. If you have additional questions or would like more information, please email