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Proper Handling of Oral Chemotherapy

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  • Store medication in the original container unless otherwise consulted by your pharmacist. Your medication may require special storage conditions which require you to keep the medication in its original container.
  • Avoid temperature excursions. Most items should be stored at room temperature and should be kept away from hot and humid conditions.
  • Keep medication away from children and pets. Some medications should be kept at a safe distance from women of child-bearing age.


  • Wash hands before and after taking your medication
  • If possible, only the patient should handle the medication. A caregiver can assist in medication administration if wearing special chemotherapy gloves. They should also wash their hands before and after handling the medication.
  • Do not crush, split, chew or dissolve the medication unless consulting your pharmacist.

Body waste

  • Bodily fluids may contain concentrations of drug during, and for awhile after taking the medication.
  • Always flush twice after using the toilet. It is recommended to close the lid before flushing. This includes if you vomit into the basin of your toilet.
  • Clothes that become soiled with bodily fluid should be washed separately from other laundry. It is recommended to wash these clothes twice in hot water.

Disposal of unused medication

  • Do not flush unused medication down the toilet.
  • Consult the pharmacy staff for proper means of medication disposal.