Diagnostic Imaging

Nebraska Cancer Specialists is proud to bring the latest in molecular level PET/CT imaging with our Biograph Horizon™ PET/CT scanner.

Our state-of-the art imaging suite gives us the flexibility to offer Low Radiation CT scans and a wide variety of clinical imaging using the latest technology available to our patients.

CT Scans

Computed Tomography scans (CT scans) are specialized X-ray imaging scans that produce a 3D image of your body and organs. This cross-sectional technology allows for the most accurate localization, size and shape of tumors and lesions. The sensitivity and accuracy of this information is of extreme value in determining your treatment options.

PET Scans

A Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan is a highly specialized and effective way to visualize the metabolic activity of the cells inside the body. This activity will produce images that will identify the location of diseases such as cancer and the possible spread of the disease to other areas of the body.

At the end of the PET scan, a board-certified Nuclear Medicine physician can determine if your tumor is malignant or benign, depending on its specific characteristics.


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