Nutrition Services

At Nebraska Cancer Specialists we understand it can be challenging at times getting the appropriate amount of nutrients and hydration during cancer treatment. Our complimentary nutrition services provided by a Registered Oncology Dietitian ensure patients remain healthy during and after treatment.

What is a Registered Oncology Dietitian?

A registered dietitian in oncology specializes in individualized assessment and intervention for patients across the spectrum of cancer. Whether it be in cancer prevention, cancer treatment or cancer survivorship an oncology registered dietitian is able to help a patient develop a plan for proper nutrition to reduce risk of cancer, management of side effects from treatment or remain their healthiest during and after treatment.

Our registered dietitian will follow your through your cancer journey.

She will continually assessing your nutrition status along the way and formulating an optimal nutrition care plan with your oncology health care team as well as you and your family. Diet and lifestyle interventions are tied to greater outcomes in the oncology population making a registered dietitian an integral part of your health journey.

Personalized nutrition education includes:

    • Dietary measures to manage side effects throughout treatment such as diarrhea, nausea, and poor appetite
    • Guidance on use of herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplementation
    • Blood Glucose Management
    • Heart Health
    • Kidney Disease
    • Weight Management
    • Food intolerances and/or allergies
    • Nutrition support management (tube feeding or parenteral nutrition)
    • Nutrition classes

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