Traveling with Cancer: 3 steps to take before you pack

Summer is on the horizon and you’ve likely already planned your summer vacay with your family and friends. Your summer traveling plans do not have to stop because of a cancer diagnosis!

Here are three steps to take before you pull out your suitcase and begin packing:

  1. Reach out to your NCS Care Team – your Nebraska Cancer Specialists provider may have specific recommendations to follow while traveling. Reach out to your nurse case manager 3 weeks prior to your trip.  They will determine if you should meet with your provider before leaving. Remember to bring your NCS contact information with you and keep it in a handy place in case you need to reach us.
  2. Protect yourself from infection – your body may be more susceptible to infection and other illnesses due to your diagnosis. Being in close quarters with others like on a plane, train, or in an automobile can put you at further risk. Consider taking extra precautions, carry hand sanitizer with you at all times, and be aware of cleanliness in rest stops, airports, restaurants, and other destination stops. 
  3. Review your medications – make sure your medications are filled and up to date.It is helpful to have a list of your medications handy in case of an emergency. Have your prescription bottles, dosage instructions, pharmacy information, and your provider name and contact information available.  Medication cards are available at all NCS locations and can be used to record this information.  Ask a member of your care team for a card if you would like one.  

woman in straw hat applying sunscreen to her face

Don’t let cancer stand in the way of an incredible summer. Remember the sunscreen, stay hydrated, and most importantly…have fun!
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