dr. geetha palaniappan, dr. joel michalski, dr. mary wells, dr. bernard su, dr. kirsten leu
dr. ralph hauke, dr. margaret block, dr. robert langdon, dr. samuel mehr, dr. stephen tarantolo

At Nebraska Cancer Specialists (NCS), our years of experience have enabled us to develop Nebraska’s leading community oncology practice. We are committed to providing exceptional care and continued support to patients, families and caregivers.

We deliver compassionate, personalized and cutting-edge care in a convenient outpatient setting.

What’s Happening Around Nebraska Cancer Specialists

Know Us Before
You Need Us

Nebraska Cancer Specialists is the place where patients, and their families, are our community.

Your Community,
Your (Best) Cancer Care

From the very beginning…the moment you step through the doors of our community oncology practice…we’ll help bring clarity, compassion and hope back into your life.

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Research that Shines Light into the Unknown

Nebraska Cancer Specialists is well-known in the region for our cutting-edge research and a deep offering of clinical trials…all to fight daily for more effective treatment and a path to a cure.

In Our Patient’s Words

  • “Absolutely love Dr Geetha, her patience and genuine concern is so comforting when you are dealing with the questions.”
  • Dr. Hauke has been awesome in dealing with my cancer..very clear about treatments..very patient with questions. I've been a patient for 3 years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer metastasized.
  • Dr. Tarantolo is the smartest, kindest, very through physician I’ve had . He listened to my concerns and developed a treatment plan that my other physician ignored and missed . I and my family thank God for Tarantolo.

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